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Where to Ride

This section gives you information on Blacksburg area road rides.

Maps: The yellow line on the maps indicates the route, and ordered yellow dots locate important turns. The text by each dot shows the name and route number of the road you are turning onto. The maps are not all on the same scale.

Elevation Profiles: These can make the routes look hillier than they really are. The profiles don’t all have the same vertical stretch.

Cue Sheets:The mileages are the approximate distance covered, starting from the Chapel. The total route distance is the round trip distance back to the Chapel.

Rides named with an asterisk* start and end some place other than Blacksburg. They may or may not be too far to ride from here.

The Rides
Floyd County/Allegheny Springs Loop 55 mi
Mt. Tabor – Craig Creek Loop 47 mi
New River – Spruce Run Loop 32 mi
Clover Hollow Race Course 31 mi
Mountain Lake 45 mi
Maggie Valley – Sinking Creek Valley 80 mi
Bradshaw – Blacksburg Rd. 53 mi
Graysontown 55 mi
Lowman’s Ferry 74 mi
Twelve O’Clock Knob Loop 113 mi
Allegheny Springs – Parkway Loop 83 mi
Gravel Hill/Sandy Ridge/Catawba 27/32/44 mi
Carroll County Loop 99 mi
Short Rides 8/9/13 mi
Shooting Creek – Fivemile Mtn.* 31 mi
Captain Loop 45 mi
Botetourt County Loop 83 mi
Sweet Springs / Potts Creek * 84 / 70 mi
Burke’s Garden Loop * 92 mi
Cahas Mountain Loop * 74 mi
Indian Valley – Parkway Loop * 78 mi
Whitegate 81 mi
Walker Mountains 87 mi

Copyright Note: The elevation profiles, maps and mileages were generated using DeLorme TopoUSA 3.0 software, and are allowed by the software license to be used only by the Virginia Tech Cycling Club.

August 7th, 2008